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Amethyst is the purple colored and most valuable variety of the mineral quartz. It is a well-known and easily recognizable gemstone. Worn by Catholic bishops, it symbolizes humility and piety. It is frequently used by healers and is used particularly in those with heart or lung problems. Some people keep amethyst crystals in their home to provide a healing energy or life force in the air. The word derives from the Greek to mean “not drunken” and was used in ancient times to ward off drunkenness.


March’s birthstone, aquamarine, has the cool color blue to remind one of the waters of the earth. It’s name even derives from the Roman for “water”. It comes from the beryl family and is a mineral found deep within the earth’s crust. It is in fact a very strong mineral and unlike other gemstones, is almost always flawless. It symbolizes safety and security, especially in long-standing relationships.

Blue Topaz